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Current Listings

Clipper Court Commerce Center        Doug Yoder/James Yoder, Exclusive Agents
350,000 SF Industrial
Fremont CA  94538
Industrial/Flex from 1,000 to 10,000 sf

Commerce Plaza                                                                                             Doug Yoder Exclusive Agent
900 Lafayette Street Santa Clara, CA  95050
 90,000 sf Office building
Office Space from 120 to 15,000 sf

Bernal Business Center                                                                                                     Doug Yoder, Exclusive Agent
175 Bernal Road
San Jose, CA  95129
50,000 sf Office Building
Office Space from 120 to 10,000 sf

365 Reed Street, Santa Clara                                                                                             Doug Yoder, Exclusive Agent
26,000 SF Industrial
Santa Clara, CA  95050
For Sale or Lease

760 Kifer Road                                                                                                                              Doug Yoder, Exclusive Agent
20,000 SF R&D
Sunnyvale CA  95054
For Sale
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